What is h.a.v.e?
h.a.v.e. offers daily discounts of up to 80% on handmade pieces, original artwork and vintage items for the home. What's the catch? With limited quantity and only 24 hours to complete the purchase buyers need to act fast to snag today's must have item.

Our goal is to provide exposure for up-and-coming designers, aspiring artists and vintage collectors and connect them with savvy buyers who have an appreciation for unique, well-made and beautifully designed furniture and household accessories.

What does h.a.v.e. mean?
h.a.v.e. is an acronym that stands for Handmade. Artwork. Vintage. Everyday. Which is what we are in a nutshell.

How does h.a.v.e. work?
Everyday a new must have item is revealed. Only one product is featured per day and buyers have 24 hours to complete the purchase. There will be a limited quantity available and products will be sold on a first come first served basis. Once the item is sold out the sale for that day is over. Purchases can be made buy clicking on the 'buy now' button located at the bottom of the post. All transactions are secure and are completed through PayPal

How do I purchase the 'must have' item of the day?
Purchasing the 'must have' item is simple. No vouchers or coupon codes needed. Simply click on 'buy now' button at the bottom of the post and complete the PayPal transaction.

Do I need to be a member of h.a.v.e. to browse or make purchases?
No, h.a.v.e. is open to everyone. No invitation needed and no registration necessary. We do recommend  signing up for our daily email alerts, but it's completely up to you. 

Tell me more about your email alerts.
We send out daily email alerts notifying you of the must have product of the day and what time that product will be available for sale. Since our sales start at different times everyday this gives our email subscribers an advantage and a chance to be the first to view the item. 

How is the must have item of the day selected?
The must have item of the day is selected by our staff. We spend the majority of our day looking for new designers and artists to feature. If you or someone you know would like to have their work featured on h.a.v.e. please fill out the submission form or click here for more information on being featured.