Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Monogram Wine Cork Wall Art - $12.50

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This one is for all you wine lovers! This monogram wine cork wall art is handmade by Kathryn, owner of the Etsy shop ByStudio13. This makes a great gift to accessorize any house, this 8x10 piece of wall art is made completely of recycled wine corks showcasing the letter of your choices in a black frame. It could be your last name, the name of you college, or even the street you live on.

The letter is Times New Roman font and made from rounds cut from recycled corks. The background is hand arranged for the best fit possible using corks that have been cut in half. Each piece is made to order and measures 8" x 10".

  • Quantity available: 5
  • Original Price: $25 
  • Must h.a.v.e. Price: $12.50 ~ 50% discount!
  • Shipping Cost within the US: $12.00
Want to know more about the women behind this fabulous shop? Check out Kathryn's blog, I Can Find the Time, to see how this mother who recently relocated to Greensboro, NC with her family gets crafty! Plus, with a new found focus on growing her Etsy business she has found much success selling her baseball string bracelets and hopes to expand her business and share her creativity with an even larger audience. Show your support and visit Kathryn's facebook page. 

Do you like wine? What's your favorite kind, Merlot, Chardonnay?

The Fine Print:
  • Each piece is made to order, please allow one week for production prior to shipping.
  • Please use this piece as wall art only, not a functioning cork board. Even though this wall hanging is made using corks it is not advised that anything be hung from the corks as they could be pulled off if too many push pins are use.
  • Each piece is hand created and uniquely different adding character and life to each piece. Please allow for variation in the coloring and wording on the corks. 
  • Each piece will be shipped in a medium priority box and can only be shipped in the US
  • Returns will not be accepted as each piece is custom made


  1. I'm a merlot girl!

  2. Yay! This is a unique and personalized gift. Great creativity indeed. So tedious yet so artistically done. Love it! :)